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Why people do what they do?

How could we know how people really are?

As behavioral sciences have shown us, people’s behavior and decision-making processes are often irrational and display different sets of preferences. For that reason, companies and organizations have to go one step beyond to know how and why their people and customers behave.

Behave4 provides you with a robust scientific methodology based on Behavioral Economics, which we label MAIN Framework (Measurement, Analysis, and INtervention).It’s the best way to understand how people really are and drive organizations to the highest performance level.

Easy practical applications of our approach:

  • Why did productivity decrease after the introduction of a new compensation scheme?

    Our analyses show that productivity decreases only among short-term oriented workers.

    Answer: performance-based incentives are too delayed.

    Solution: shorten the delay between performance and incentives.

  • Why people don’t buy my new product?

    Our analyses show that only highly analytic customers buy the product.

    Answer: the communication strategy is “too rational”.

    Solution: make your communication more intuitive and emotional.


We provide you scientific-based solutions in these areas of application

We’re looking forward to hearing your toughest challenges


About Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics is a discipline within economics that “takes into account the details of human behavior, including human psychology and sociology.”(Shiller, 2015).

Behavioral Economics defines humans as “predictably irrational” (Ariely 2009) in the sense that people tend to display limitations in rational calculation, self-interest, and willpower which, fortunately, are measurable and predictable.

According to Richard H. Thaler (2016), this interest in the underlying psychology of human behavior returns economics to its earliest roots. Scholars such as Adam Smith talked about such key concepts as loss aversion, overconfidence, and self-control.

This emerging discipline provides Behave4 with tools to implement its MAIN framework in companies, institutions, and the wider society to improve efficiency, satisfaction and life quality from a human-centric perspective.



Francisco Reyes
Francisco ReyesBehavioral Marketing & Operations
Jaime Martinez-Brocal
Jaime Martinez-BrocalBusiness Developer & Strategy
Antonio M. Espín
Antonio M. EspínScientific Director
David Pascual
David PascualBehavioral Economist

Our Story

Behave4 is a world pioneer management consulting firm that applies Behavioral Economics to provide private and public organizations with a deeper knowledge of why employees and customers/users behave the way they do.

Our mission is to show companies novel methods for understanding people’s preferences and behaviors through the application of Behavioral Economics techniques and to provide them with scientific-based solutions.

Behave4 is the result of merging business and science from a fully pragmatic perspective. Our four founders build a perfect team due to their multidisciplinary profiles (business strategists, marketing, and behavioral economists) including an unusual hybrid of business and scientific expertise.

 Thanks to the interaction and knowledge generated, our MAIN framework emerges, where first we Measure, then Analyze and finally INtervene. No intervention without proper measurement!


At Behave4 we believe in communication and direct contact with people. If you need more information about our project, we will be happy to tell you what it consists of, and we will advise you to find the most accurate product for your company’s needs.

You can contact the Behave4 team at behave@behave4.com

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